Bruce Thomas (Fire Engineer/Building Surveyor)

Bruce Thomas is responsible for major projects and has more than thirty years experience in both the Building Surveying and Fire Engineering Professions. 

Bruce’s main responsibility within the practice is to manage the fire engineering design process which includes analytical appraisal and review for each major project.

Previous experience includes eight years with the Melbourne City Council – ostensibly with major commercial developments in the Central Business District; Building Surveyor for the Melbourne Metropolitan Area (Public Works Department); State Building Surveyor Building Control Branch - Building Control Commission, Building Surveyor and Development Approvals Co-ordinator, South Melbourne City Council (now City of Port Phillip) as well as private sector consultancy and is a registered Building Surveyor in Victoria.

Bruce holds a post graduate engineering qualifications in Fire Safety and Risk Engineering from Victoria University of Technology and specialises in major institutional, residential, commercial and industrial developments together with refurbishment works proposals for existing buildings. Bruce is a registered Fire Safety Engineer and Building Surveyor in Victoria. Bruce has undertaken consultancy works both locally and internationally. Bruce also holds international corporate membership with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors - United Kingdom (RICS).