Con Nicolas (Director)

Con Nicolas is responsible for all major projects and has more than thirty years experience as a Fire Safety and Risk Engineer and Building Surveyor both in the municipal and private sectors.  

Con undertakes fire engineering design and also manages performance design direction at project feasibility phases. This enables early identification of design parameters for all relevant design disciplines.

Previous experience includes Development Approvals Co-ordinator/Building Surveyor at both the South Melbourne and St Kilda City Councils (now City of Port Phillip). Major developments previously managed by Con include the Southgate development, Crown Melbourne, National Gallery Refurbishment, Freshwater developments and Federation Square Project. Con holds a post graduate engineering diploma in Fire Safety and Risk Engineering and specializes in examination of major commercial, institutional, industrial and multi-unit (residential) developments including recycling works proposals for upgrading of existing buildings. Con has also undertaken consultancy works for major projects in other States and Internationally. Con is a registered Building Surveyor and Fire Safety Engineer in Victoria.